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Bhutan Snowman tour is the most challenging and celebrated tour package in Bhutan. Snowman tour takes you to the most remote valley of the country crossing more than 9 high passes some of which are over 5,000 meter. One should be mentally prepared and physically fit before making this tour. Bhutan also called the country of Thunder dragon is not only famous for its pristine landscape but also famous for its fascinating Buddhist culture. 

Snowman trek commences from Paro (west) and takes you to the most remote valleys of the Lunana district. The regions have been unchanged for hundreds of years and have preserved their culture history and ancient lifestyle.  In this trek you pass through the foothills of six snows covered virgin peaks over (7,000m.) hence, called as Snowman tour. On the way you will get an opportunity to walk through variety of landscape ranging from pictorial landscape, fascinating villages, steep georges, blue pine, and juniper and rhododendron forest to high alpine pastureland. In the pastureland you can see variety of animal like yak, Himalayan blue Ship grazing here and there. Up in the sky birds like Bearded vultures and Himalayan griffons fly keeping their eye on you. In this challenging trek you will also get to visit age old heritage sites and monasteries and learn the Tibetan culture.

Day 01: Arrive - Paro by Druk-Air

Day 02: One day Paro – Sightseeing. Drive up to Pa-Chu to Drukgyel Dzong built in the 17th century by Shabdrung Nawang Namgyel, the spiritual leader of Bhutan. On the way back we visit one of the Typical Bhutanese farm house. We also visit Ta-Dzong which was once the watch tower for Paro valley, now it houses the National Museum and traditional Paro town.

Day 03: We trek 17 kms from Paro to Sharna Zampa walking time 5-6 hours.

Day 04: We Trek 22kms from Sharna Zampa (2870m) to Thangthangka (3630m). Walking distance 6-7 hours. We ascend gradually through the Conifer, fern and rhododendron forests and can see the spectacular view of Mt. Jumolhari.

Day 05: We Trek 19 kms from Thangthangka(3630m)  to Jangothang (4090m) walking distance 5-6 hours

Day 06: We take a day rest in Jangothang-HALT: as Acclimatization Day.

You can spend the day relaxing or there are several day hikes to choose from. Two interesting hikes would be to get views of Mt.Jumolhari or Jichu Drake. If you are interested in a lake then you can take the hike to Tsophu. Overnight stay at the camp.

Day 07:  We Trek 18 kms from Jangothang(4090m)  to Lingshi(4010m)  Trek and walking time 5-6 hours. Today you encounter your first major pass at 4890m ( Nyile-la ).You also get snow peak views of Tserim Kang (6789m) Camp near a stream in a meadow.

Day 08:  We trek for 10 kms from Lingshi to Chebisa (3880m) walking time 5-6 hours. Today you will have an pleasant day trek.

Day 09: We trek 17kms from Chebisa (3880m) to Shomuthang (4220m) walking time 6-7 hours. Today we pass through the 'Gobula pass' at 4,440m.

Day 10: We trek 18 kms from Shomuthang to Robluthang (4160m) walking time 6-7 hours. Today early in the morning during the trek you will get an opportunity to see spectacular Mountain View of Mt. Kang Bum (6526m) and Mt. Gangchenta (6840m).

Day 11: We trek from Robluthang (4160m) to Limithang

Today you will have quiet challenging trek crossing the highest altitude of the trek at Sinche la (5005m).you will have to walk through rocky trails and moraines. Camp at Limithang is beneath Gangchhenta; - the Great Tiger Mountain.

Day 12: We trek for 9 kms from Lemithang (4140m) to Laya walking time 6-7 hours.

Day 13: We trek from Laya to HALT.  Here you will get to introduce yourself with the Layaps (nomads)

Day 14: We trek 19kms from Laya to Roduphu walking time 6-7 hours.

You will pass through the conifer rhododendron and maple forest.

Day 15: We trek 17kms from Roduphu to Narithang walking time 5-6 hours

Today the trekking trail will pass cross through the Tsomola pass at 4780m. We camp at Narethang which is on a small plateau beneath the 6395 m peak of Gangla Karchung.

Day 16: We trek 18kms from Narithang to Tarina walking time 18km and walking time 5-6 hours. Today we climb up to the Karchung la pass at 5120m and walk gradually down towards the glacial lakes

Day 17: We trek 17kms from Tarina to Woche walking time 5-6 hours

Day 18: We trek 17kms from Woche to Lhedi walking time 5-6 hours

today we will pass the Kechela pass at 4580m to the village and move forward to Lhedi.

Day 19: We trek 17kms from Lhedi-Thanza walking time 5-6 hours

Day 20: We trek to Thanza Halt. Here we Visit village houses and interact with the locals Raphstreng Tsho with a packed lunch (round trip of 4-5 hours).

Day 21: We trek from Thanza to Tshochena walking time 7-8 hours. Today we will walk through the base of Taze-La pass and cross the Jaze-la pass at 5050m.

Day 22: We trek 14kms from Tshochena to Jichu Dramo walking time 4-5 hours.

Today the trial is filled with regular ups and down crossing Loju-la pass at 4940m.

Day 23: We trek 18kms from Jichu Dramo to Chukarpo walking about 5-6 hours.

today we cross the Gang Rinchen-zoe la pass at 5140m and then descend gradually to reach Chukarpo

Day 24: We trek 18kms from Chukarpo to Thampe Tsho walking time 5-6 hours

today we will get to explore the religious treasure in the Um Tsho (lake) 4230m.

Day 25: We trek 14kms from Thampe Tsho to Maurothang walking time 5 hours.

Today the trekking trail will take us through the Tampela pass at 4580m.

Day 26: We trek 18 kms from Maurothang to Nikachu walking time 5-6 hours

Today is the last day of our trek the trail passes through the bamboo thickets and end the trip at Nikachu Bridge at (2500m.).

Day 27: We trek from WangduePhodrang to  Thimphu. Today we visit Chhimi Lhakhang in Punakha and sightseeing of Punakha town and at Afternoon we drive to Thimphu.

Day 28: Thimphu Sightseeing – Here we visit National Memorial Chorten, built in memory of the late King, the Handicraft Emporium/Chokey handicraft and the National Painting School. We shall also visit Simtokha Dzong and explore Thimphu town.

Day 29: Thimphu - Paro Continue sightseeing of Thimphu and afternoon to Paro (2 hours).

Day 30: Farewells and Departure.

Package Name: Bhutan Snowman Tour

Destination: Bhutan

Grade: Easy

Activities: Natural and cultural sightseeing

Culture: Buddhist

Duration: 30 Days

Accommodation: Star rated Hotel

Transportation: Airways and private vehicle

Best Season: All around the year

Attaction: Pictorial landscape, fascinating villages, steep georges, blue pine, and juniper and rhododendron forest to high alpine pastureland, variety of animal like yak, Himalayan blue Ship

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