Special Interest Tour in Nepal

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We provide you many interesting and adventurous tour packages that include most of the activities and visits that you would love to do which will add fun and joy to your holidays in Nepal. Apart from the usual tour packages we also offer you some special tours package to serve your special interests. Some of the special interest tours in Nepal we offer you are as follows.

Shamanism Study Tour in Nepal

In Nepal the history of shamanism practice is very old. In many of the mountain village mostly in Tamangs settlement shamanism is still practiced. Also there are some of the areas where indigenous shamanism still thrives in Nepal.


Filming and Photography Tour

Where other then Nepal would you find a better photography and filming opportunity? Nepal a peaceful country and a birth place of Gautama Buddha - situated on the lap of world highest snow capped crystalline mountains.


Bird Watching tour in Nepal

Nepal boasts 850 species of birds. This is the 10% of the total bird population of the world and bigger number than the total birds combined in USA and Canada together. Nepal has diverse vegetation ranging from Tropical to moderate to Alpine tropical


Wild Rock Honey Hunting Tour in Nepal

In Nepal there are many mountain cliffs, River valleys, dense forests full of blooming flowers that provide the condition for wild rock honey bees species to thrive. Among all these the Budhi Gandaki valley in Manaslu region


Ethnological tour in Nepal

Despite being a small country Nepal is the home to almost 101 ethnic groups speaking 92 different dialects. They have their own culture, distinct costumes and festivals. All of these people chiefly belong to two ancestor tribe Indo-Aryan people


Buddhism or Hinduism study tour

Nepal can be a very wise choice for those are interested to study Buddhism and Hinduism Actively practicing Buddhism and Hinduism, Nepal has many Buddhist scholars and Lamas to assist you. 


Volunteering in Nepal

Whether you want to teach in a village school or run medical camp in a remote mountain or help the poor villages to build a school there are many ways you can serve the needy village people in Nepal.


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