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Langtang region also known as the 'valley of glacier' is one of the most popular and comfortable trekking destination lying in the Central Nepal Himalayas. Langtang region lies in north of the Kathmandu valley and towards the border to Tibet. The area is largely protected under Langtang National Park area. The region shows a wide range of altitude variations ranging from 792m in Bhote koshi to 7,245m at the peak of the Langtang Lirung. The wide variation in the altitude shows the variation on climate, vegetation and wildlife. Langtang region is home to many high peaks of which Langtang Lirung is the highest one. The mountain peaks of the region are covered with thick ice that is why the region is popularly known as valley of glaciers. The two main rivers Trishuli in west and sun Koshi in the East provides the required water in the park area. These two rivers originate from Langtang Lirung and Himalchuli at high Himalayas near the Tibetan border.

Langtang valley trekking trail takes you all the way through the beautiful hills, pristine Pine forests, alpine rivers, terraced farmlands, settlements and many more offering you the most breathtaking view of the mountain ranges. Majority of people living in the region belong to Sherpa and Tamang community who have migrated from the Helambu region. The region inhibits the tropical, Subtropical, Temperate, Sub alpine and alpine zone offering eight vegetation types. In the park you can observe various kinds of animals including some of endangered species of animals like Fox, Wild dog, Red Panda, Langur, Himalayan Black Bear, Marten, Himalayan Weasel, Leopard Cat, Goral, Himalayan Musk Deer, Clouded Leopard, Snow Leopard and many more. You will get an opportunity to explore the wilderness of the region and feel the real beauty of the nature. You can also experience the typical culture, traditions and lifestyle of the people in the region.

Langtang valley trek is regarded as one of the fascinating and exotic valley among others in Nepal. If you visit the place during spring the scenic view of the Lakes and hills filled with ice will make the environment more beautiful. 

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang valley trek is one of the most fine, tea-house type and remote trekking destination lying near the Kathmandu valley.  Like most of other mountain valley Langtang valley also called valley of glacier has its own story of origination According


Helambu Trek

Helambu trek is one of the most popular and blissful short trekking destination among the trekkers located about 72 kilometers northeast of Kathmandu. Helambu trekking trail has a classic landscape extends from north of Taramarang to the tree limit of the Gosainkunda


Kang Gosainkunda Trek

Kang Gosainkunda trek is one of the most popular trekking trails in Langtang region lying to the north of the Kathmandu valley. Designated as national park in 1976, the Langtang valley is the second largest national park of Nepal


Langtang Gosainkunda Helambu Trek

Langtang Gosainkunda Helambu trek is one of the famous teahouse trekking trip and an idyllic combination of three main trekking destinations in Langtang region which are Lantang Valley, Gosainkunda Lake and Helambu. 


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