Nepal is a landlocked Himalayan country bordered by the china in north and India in east west and south direction. In the Globe, Nepal lies between 80º 4' and 88º 12' east longitude and 26º 22' north latitude. Nepal is a small and beautiful country with an area of 147181 sq kilometers. Nepal is geographically divided longitudinally in east west direction into three zones namely Himalayan region Hilly region and Terai region. The Himalayan region of Nepal consists of the eight world highest peaks among the 14 eight thou sanders. Nepal the birth place of Buddhism Gautama Buddha is a graceful country. The country is also second richest country for the water resources.

Nepal offers a wide range of climatic, geographic and vegetation variations according to the altitude. This wide variation has favored varieties of species of flora and fauna to thrive. The country is rich in context of the cultural and natural heritage. The country has preserved its age old history, culture, traditions, monuments and crafts. Nepal is a incredible country filled with the richest of the nature and delightful peoples with their rich culture. The spectacular mountain views and the scenic beauty of its surrounding make the country one of the major tourist destination of the world. Nepal is a multicultural and multilingual country with more than 101 different ethnic people speaking 70 different dialects. Nepal offers ample of adventurous activities like trekking, expedition, peak climbing, mountain biking, hiking, jungle safari tours, mountain flight, paragliding, rafting, bunjee jumping and many more.

Tour in Nepal

Tour in Nepal offers you an ample of options ranging from cultural tour, historical places tour, educational tour, honeymoon tour to special interest tour. This incredible country is bordered by India towards east west and south direction and by china towards North. 


Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is one of the popular adventurous activities to be done in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is also a best means of exploring the culture, history, tradition, and beauty of this incredible country. 


Air Ticketing in Nepal

Air Ticketing is another important and effective service that we provide to our clients. Nepal's domestic airlines network comprises some of the most remote and fantastic airstrips in the world which are difficult to approach via other means


Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak climbing in Nepal is another celebrated tourist's activities after trekking and mountaineering. Nepal is a Himalayan kingdom with more than eight highest peaks out of 14 eight thou sander and1310 snow peaks over 6000 meters


Jungle Safari

For Jungle safari tour Nepal offers a fine selection of pristine National Parks which makes your tour the most exotic into the wild. Other than the most adventurous trekking through the Himalayas of Nepal 


Adventure Sports

Nepal offers the most exciting and thrilling outdoor adventurous activities across the globe. Nepal the home of the eight world highest peaks including Mt. Everest is hub for the adventurous activities. 


Rafting in Nepal

Nepal is a second richest country in context of the water resources with more than 6000 rivers and rivulets. Many of the rivers here are feed by the snow high above the Himalayas and some originates from the forest resources. 


Mountain Expedition

Mountain Expedition in Nepal is another major tourist activity and has recorded some of the most outstanding accomplishment in the world of expedition. Nepal is home to eight highest peaks out of 14 eight thousander across the globe. 


Hiking in Nepal

Hiking in Nepal is considered as a short form of trekking for those who are bound by time limit, are not physically fit for long treks, or worried about altitude sickness. Hiking trail in Nepal takes you all the way through the beautiful hills


Vehicle Rental Service in Nepal

We hereby proudly introduce ourselves as one of the leading company in providing all sought of traveling solutions such as vehicle rental, hotel booking, package tour organizing, corporate refreshments, student industrial visits, etc.,


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